Top 25 General Knowledge Questions for 2018

By | January 27, 2018

Top 25 General Knowledge Questions for 2018

Read these questions carefully and be prepared to score well in the general knowledge section for upcoming exam. Questions from all the areas such as national issues, international events, sports trivia, appointments and agreements, books and authors, famous personalities and economy news are covered for your revision.Now let’s started.

Practice the Top 25 General Knowledge Questions

1.Which Indian FMCG player is planning to make use of Artificial insemination technique to 92 per cent female offspring of cows?

a) Glaxosmith Kline

b) Amul

c) Dabur

d) Patanjali

Answer: Option D

2.Who was recently selected by the UN Security Council as the next UN Secretary-General?

a) Antonio Guterres

b) Ban Ki-moon

c) Theresa May

d) Angela Merkel

Answer: Option A

3.Name the instant messaging mobile application launched by Google.

a) Hello

b) Ello

c) Aloo

d) Allo

Answer: Option  D

4.Which country has topped the Global Competitiveness Index, GCI 2016-17 released in September 2016.

a) Switzerland

b) Singapore

c) United States of America

d) Sweden

Answer: Option A

5.In which state of India, Adani Green Energy (Tamil Nadu) Ltd. has installed world’s largest solar power plant of 648 megawatts?

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Kerala

d) Karnataka

Answer: Option B 

6.Who is appointed as the Chairman of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India?

a) Usha Pal

b) Usha Sangwan

c) VK Sharma

d) Nitin Srivastav

Answer: Option C

7.Which stock exchange became the first Indian stock exchange to file Initial Public Offering with SEBI?

a) Bombay Stock Exchange

b) National Stock Exchange of India

c) Calcutta Stock Exchange

d) Madras Stock Exchange

Answer: Option A

8.Who of the following topped the Forbes list of world’s highest paid actors of 2016?

a) Tom Cruise

b) Matt Damon

c) Dwayne Johnson

d) Jackie Chan

Answer: Option C

9.Which of the following Indian Actress has been ranked 10th in the world in the list of “Forbes magazine”?

a) Sonam Kapoor

b) Katrina Kaif

c) Priyanka Chopra

d) Deepika Padukone

Answer: Option D

10. Who has been appointed as the new CEO, MD of Airtel Payments Bank by Bharti Airtel?

a) Shashi Arora

b) Manish Khera

c) AM Naik

d) Ashish Nanda

Answer: Option A

11. What is the name of the new bill payment system which has been launched by RBI?

a) Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

b) Bharat Bills Processing System (BBPS)

c) Bharat Bill Payment Slots (BBPS)

d) Bharat Billing Payment System (BBPS)

Answer: Option A

12. Which online jewellery portal has been acquired by Titan in an all-cash deal?

a) Gitanjalishop

b) Caratlane

c) Bluestone

d) Thangamayil

Answer: Option B

13.Name the passenger train which has been flagged off by railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and is a part of the ‘raftar’ mission of India’s Railways Ministry.

a) Ahmedabad Express

b) Bandra Patna Express

c) Satavahana Express

d) Gatiman Express

Answer: Option D

14. Which city of Japan will host the 2016 Group of 7 (G7) Summit?a) Tokyo

b) Ise-Shima

c) Osaka

d) Yokohama

Answer: Option B 

15.Who has been appointed as the Finance Secretary of India?

a) Ashok Lavasa

b) Bhim Sain Bassi

c) Ratan Watal

d) Sudeep Lakhtakia

Answer: Option A

16.Which is the 1st country of the world to put a ban on Deforestation?

a) Turkmenistan

b) Kiribati

c) Somalia

d) Norway

Answer: Option D

 17.Who among the following headed the 7th Pay Commission?

a) Ratin Roy

b) Meena Aggarwal

c) Vivek Rae

d) AK Mathur

Answer: Option D

 18.Who has been elected as the first Indigenous woman to the House of Representatives of Parliament of Australia?

a) Linda Burney

b) Joanna Lindgren

c) Neville Bonner

d) Aden Ridgeway

Answer: Option A

19.Which of the given below operations was started to evacuate Indian citizens who were stranded in South Sudan’s capital Juba?a) Maitri

b) Checkmate

c) Sankat Mochan

d) Raahat

Answer: Option C

Who has been appointed as the Chief Economist of World Bank in July 2016?a) Paul Romer

b) Nicholas H Stern

c) Justin Yifu Lin

d) François Bourguignon

Answer: Option A

20.Which of the following is NOT a historical site as declared by the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site recently?a) Nalanda Mahavihara

b) Vikramashila Monastery

c) Capitol building chandigarh

d) Khangchendzonga National Park

Answer: Option B

 21.In which city of India’s first Water Metro project that was recently launched?

a) Kochi

b) Kolkata

c) Hyderabad

d) Chennai

Answer: Option A

22.Who has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI)?

a) Ajay Bhushan Pandey

b) Shankar Bhushan Pandey

c) Vijay Bhushan Pandey

d) None of these

Answer: Option A

23.Who of the following is the author of the book “I Want 2 be Tendulkar”?

a) Savi Sharma

b) Manish Sharma

c) Devdutt Pattanaik

d) Sudeep Nagarkar

Answer: Option B

24.Majuli recently became the first island district of India. Majuli is located in which of the following states?

a) Assam

b) West Bengal

c) Tripura

d) Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: Option A

25.Which country has launched the first of its new generation weather satellites Fengyun-4?

a) Japan

b) North Korea

c) China

d) South Korea

Answer: Option C


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